Korea Vlog

Went to Korea, made a vlog, (as does one who goes to korea, among the thousands of other friends who also went to korea, their economy must be booming)

Anyway, check it our below


De Zoo Boat Party VLOG!!!!!!

Spent the 16th of May on a yacht with the zoo and my parents. My dad compiled the videos we recorded and made a vlog ahahahaa. Jet skiing at the end was really fun except we capsized and kayaking and mega floating. BBQ was really yummy too. Yay ok it was a great day.


Ocean Adventures

Hi! I’m not sure why I can’t post the video here but I’ll give you the link! 

So here’s the video’s link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teuh8rWY6OI
Took a little trip down to Changi beach at 6am with 4M and 4I to learn about the creatures of the sea.

Thanks Evan for filming, thanks Denise for the song suggestion and thanks to everyone else who’s in the video!