November Ventures

November was pretty eventful and fun cause we ended exams at the end of October.

Hsin Yen and I collected our medals for IMU Cup! Then Rach and I went for a dip after we were supposed to work out. Then Rach helped me do henna whoop whoop. And Lucas cooked us dinner which was real yums. And Rach and I went shopping again!!! whoop whoop

Then I went back to Singapore for the weekend and whoop!!!

And more more adventures in KL!!! Sri P lunch with the boys, Fantastic Beasts with Rach and BBQ w group 11!!!!!



October!!! It passed really fast because it was basically spent studying my ass off for our exam on the 31st October.

  1. Went back to Singapore!!! Met family, canoe and NUS pals. Joe and Zoo sent me off at the airport and that was 3 short days in Singapore.

2. Then came back to Malaysia and celebrated Rach’s birthday
3. Got our stethoscopes
4. Painted a naked lady
5. And skyped study with pals

6. Touch Rug was one of the best things I joined. CARDIO and great great.
7. We had hospital visit at Port Dickson, which was quite interesting but also everyone spoke Malay and it was real tough to communicate

8. KGB was to die for
9. Skype time
10. Really want to get the round specs
11. Finally tried the KFC CHEESY ONION GOODNESS. Goodness was that great


Remember September

Couldn’t think of a title, and went back to my 2015 archives to see what I put as 2015 September’s monthly post title. BUT I REALISED…this time last year I wasn’t blogging because of A LEVELS and everyone was busy having mental breakdowns. Fast forward one year and I’m still freaking out because exams are around the corner but *shivers* the thought of A levels.

Anyway, the month of september!!
1- DIMSUM for breakfast
2- Celebrated kims birthday w her and zoo even tho 300+km away.
3- got my hair cut! at a shitty hairdresser, never going back!!
4- so tired, I slept during lectures but also ever ready to press next slide
5 – swim break

7- chill sesh at the pool
8- lunch with eetheng!!!!
9- then we had art class!!!!
11- had to prick ourselves again for practical
12- anatomy class
13- Dinner at mid valley!!


A GUST of wind blew, and AUGUST was over

I regret not saving my snapchat stories since coming here and compiling them into a month of living abroad, sigh. And starting now seems so random and no point since school is gonna get busier….hmm what should I do…everyone keeps saying my story looks damn fun. More than half a month late, but here is my August

Went to tramp park with Snow-white (-: and had the best time bouncing, somersaulting and climbing around. Then went for my FIRST EVER real barbecue, also with Snow White that they so amazingly planned without my knowledge. Good food, good music, great people (-:

Then after the barbecue, I rushed to Clarke Quay to meet Canoe + Bremen + Ben at Prive for some drinks and had the best time with them. For once I didnt fight with Edwin on the way home hahaha.

The next day Joe and Jasmine treated me to dinner and whoopwhoop.

Then I brought the Zoo out to sea with the parents as a farewell party. Pizza, drinks, chips, dips, curry puffs, best pals, and moreeeee. Played on the island, went around kayaking in my boat, played on the yacht, it was a good day.

Had last dinners with cousins….(I miss family dinners )-: )


We celebrated Jo’s birthday too!

And this was the rest of orientation: being Indian dancers, lonely dinners at night, video calling bc the boys were too lazy to go for the briefing, wet games, treating danial to waffles and ice cream on his birthday, mass group 11 gathering, finale night and viva/ drinking night.

thats basically how august ended…..sometime in august, Rach, Dan and I spent the day shopping at Ikea/ Curve/ Ace hahaha

hmm dunno this month seemed v messy


Last Month of Fun: July

Another monthly recap!! Idk if I’ll be able to keep these up once school starts….July is almost over, the end of our 9 month holiday is over. The longest holiday we’ll EVER have , before the monstrosity of a school starts. Anyway,

Met up with Tay Sen Hui for lunch (I think we should go back to prata adventures haha) and a really good talkIMG_5076
That night, went back to MG for my first ever LOVEMG despite being an MG girl for 10 years. IMG_5099

A few days later, met Evan just to shop and this sotong was my favourite buy of the dayIMG_5189
Then Jo Denise and I had a stripes outing at Park Bench Deli and Chinatown and in townIMG_5288


Then we went for legACy! 3rd one, 2nd time as seniors. IMG_5443

Then NUS LSCAMP happened which I talked about here

Then I had food adventures with mum/sophia (where we met Ryan who gave us extra donuts and before we met Jasmine to go to Attica and Altimate) /mum

The Zoo came over for a mask party  on Friday

That night, canoe decided to go club. And w some barker guys and I was the only girl so I jioed Evan. We went to drink at Prive and Bremen and I gambled our way to get a free cap (that we later lost that night). Then we went to Attica and our guest list got rejected. And we went to Fclub (cause we got complimentary entry and drink) but the guys were too young lmao. But anyway thanks to gr8 pal Jasmine and her pal Joe we went to Altimate after finishing another bottle of vodka at Prive again. Looks like 2 blacked out shots but rly is shots with the 2mvps of the night.

Saturday, after a day of helping mother cook, I went to meet SC1 at vivo and all the guys (except Daniel) DIDNT SHOW UP lame.


Today we went to St Ignatius Church’s fun fair and met Enzo and Portia. Then wen to town and met Kevin Tran!!!!!!


Thought this post would make it by 31 July unlike all my other monthly recap posts but I guess this is another late one. I hope you had a great July and will have an even better August.


June’s over? Julying….

Another month over, another month has begun. Another month closer to the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

Lets recap!
The first week of June, I was still in Korea…that you can read about here: post, video

9/6 (thurs)  The second week, I went back to school w denise to collect our certs and met Kun on the way. Got splashed movie-style as a car driving past us drove through a puddle. Then we went to watch Me Before You. Meh wasn’t terrificIMG_4304

10/6 (fri) I went to paddle in the morning and RAN for the first time in ages

13/6 (mon) I went to paddle again and this time forgot I had to give tuition in the afternoon. But the best part of the day was dinner w canoe!IMG_4331

16/6 (thurs) Nathan picked me up (omg first time being driven around by a friend) and we went to the water sports centre to paddle in the kallang basin. But when we went there weren’t any single boats available, so we went to Cathay to watch Now You See Me 2 which was pretty cool. Dropped my nachos on the floor ): but the guy got me new ones and all was well (: (other than the fact we missed bit of the front part of the movie and I was confused for a god 20 minutes thereafter)IMG_4338 *cue SCM memories*

17/6 (fri) woke up real early to have breakfast with Mama, Kong Kong and Portia. Then came home and got ready for lunch with jiemeis. AND DARRELLTAN came to pick me up!!!! kekeke. Anyway after Tanuki Raw at 313 we came back to my house to watch a movie then they all had to zao

18/6 (sat) SLEEPOVER at Aaron’s house!!! In the day I went to some flower farm w my mum and bought a plant lel

23/6 (thurs) Met up with Jo, Denise and Kim for lunch and some chit chat. Had nachos and soup spoon for lunch….it was delish

24/6 (fri) beach day w emma and weiqian, lunch was great, food was great, company was great

25/6 (sat) dinner w canoe again!!! then went to kevins house again!!!

28/6 (tues) lunch at alt pizza with Kim Tan and Denise IMG_4542IMG_4657

and on 30/6, we drove to KL to find me a house.



aMAYzing MAY

May flew by, it really did. Half the year is almost over, school is starting soon??
Anyway, some pictures of May’s adventures:
1. Lunch with JO
2. Back to MG w the ZOO
3. Passed driving test
4. Went to pick JAM form the airport +  girls sleepover
5. paddling w CANOE
6. birthday dinner w ZOO (Happy Birthday to Me)
7. finished INTERNSHIP
8. Interview
9. tea w NIC
10. ZOO day out in 2 different outings
11. met COUSIN’s dog and established pseudo siblings relationship