When You Feel It In Your Bones

Yknow that feeling when a song comes on and these EMOTIONS just rush through you and give you all these FEELS. I’ve been having a lot of that recently bc for the past 2 years I’ve been spamming songs for super long periods and my brain has associated songs with different periods of time and different feelings…this post is probably more for my memory than your interest, but if you continue reading then (-: thanks pal

  1. Aint It Fun (Paramore) and Something I Need (OneRepublic) – Nats 2014 and how we used to walk from the bus stop to Bedok Reservoir which was so far in (ok no rly far but far enough to listen to those songs)
  2. Blank Space (Taylor Swift) – West Timor OCIP bc Cel had this song on her phone and played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER
  3. Any Ariana Grande song – training: I attribute this to Kevin Tran and Margey singing Araina Grande whenever we had box pull or after water
  4. Any Calvin Harris song – Chalet/training: again, Kevin Tran always played Summer and Blame etcetc
  5. The Fact (Beast) – O levels because this was on repeat and is now my most played song on iTunes at 356 plays
  6. GDFR (Flo Rida) – Boat maintenance: and Weiqian played this and I was so into and Kevin came out of the shed and heard it and expressed his hatred for this song
  7. Stay High (To Love) – that one time we were doing mileage and during the 18km I sang to myself  in  between pants to keep myself sane 

    12/7/16 (this post was drafted 3 months ago UNTIL)

  8. I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li The Magician Remix) – was played as BGM of one of the videos I was watching and it was instant KEVIN TRAN NOSTALGIA and how he kept playing this at training/ chalet and did his weird but strangely addictive hip/hover hand dance move.

stay tuned for more (or not) 



Rabak Day & Rabak Dream

Yesterday I almost had a cardiac arrest when I thought I lost my RayBan sunglasses. Take a moment and try to imagine how your heart might react when you find out you lost $300 (not like trying to show off or anything pls) worth of something.

So basically, at the changing room at Cotton On, I took them off and clipped them to the strap of my bag (idk why I didn’t just put them in my bag tbh). After that we continued shopping for another like hour. THEN after travelling from Bugis to Newton and changing from the DTL to the NS line, I realised I didn’t have my sunglasses. Damn drama, I wish I was on a reality show to have someone film this whole thing. BECAUSE movie-style, I realised the moment I passed through the gantry. So anyway, after scavenging through my bag and not finding it, I tapped out and went back to the DTL. In the process, calling Evan and freaking out and trying to call Cotton On at Bugis Junction.

As I pass through the gantry to the DTL ( I think these gantries have something mystical about them), I pull my bag to the front again AND GUESS WHAT? There my sunglasses were….happily clinging on to my bag strap….the same place I put them in the changing room. I tapped out of DTL and back to red line.  the end. 

Last night I had a very tribal-ish/ haunting dream that involved the canoeists, sc1 and my cousins. The canoeists were having dinner at this very dodgy place, very korean style on the inside, but the outside was a deserted carpark lot with tents. I was talking to Emma and Aaron and suddenly Chew came in with a green pack of cigarettes and a green lighter. And my face just became damn black. Even Aaron was like ‘ wah this one full bitch mode on’. Anyway I was kinda upset so everyone left to this abandoned two-storey building. The first floor was just made of stone walls with crazy ass graffiti and hieroglyphics and a staircase leading to an open air carpark (the kind you get at the highest floors of hdb carparks).

So anyway, I only went a while later after getting over my grumpiness and went to sit at the steps with Adilah. First we sat downstairs, then we heard music and went up AND EVERYONE WAS CLUBBING. And it was like the Colour Run and everyone had hippie/tribal designed patterns in glow in the dark paint on them and they were just clubbing and smoking in the dark.

AND IN THAT MOMENT….the urge to club and smoke was so ridic I wanted to kill myself. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it BECAUSE OF WHAT AARON SAID. It just kept ringing in my head ‘wah that one full bitch mode on’….Even though it doesn’t relate very directly, in my head I kept telling myself I couldn’t go dance and I couldn’t try smoking because then I would be a huge ass HYPOCRITE.

So I went down to get some alcohol and suddenly all the tents, that I mentioned before, were stalls being run by SC1 people. And Daniel offered my this orange juice drink that I thought had alcohol in. So I drank like 5. And I asked him,
“What’s this?”
“Orange Juice.”
“and?” (expecting vodka or smth)
“milk”   ????? (I think this is a subconscious reality interference bc Ive been wanting my mom to make a drink that involves freezing orange juice and milk = Orange Julius ahhaha)

Anyway back to the dream, Aliff was like handing out these drinks but he didn’t want to give me the one with alcohol in it???? And I was like BRO GIVE IT and then he just danced away with the bottle?????

And suddenly police came to raid the place and we all ran. But I was caught and they put us on a plane to some dodgy-ass country to be sold or smth (idk I can’t really remember this part). But we made a deal with them. If we delivered some device for them, they’d send us back to Singapore. So we TOOK ON THIS DANGEROUS TASK. And somehow we were on a plane and landed in Bangkok in the middle of the night. And there was no one around. IT was like a  ghost town (which is so unlike Bangkok). Anyway we decided to run away because there were no bad people chasing us. Someone we managed to GrabCar a car in Bangkok and suddenly my cousin was in the car and there was a mini reunion until we realised the bad people were running out of the (empty) airport to catch us. So we got in the car and drove off. the end. 


Unlocked…my heart?…or my blog?

I am unlocking my blog!!

And here’s a ‘how to navigate’ guide for optimum reading pleasure (-;

There are 3 basic navigating tools.
1. Tags: I categorise 95% of my posts into
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-Monthly (monthly recaps)

2. Archive: basically just posts sorted into the month/ year they were posted

3. Search bar: For keywords or titles you wanna check out (pretty self explanatory)
Different platforms have different viewing styles…

1. Computer is the most straight forward, everything can be found on the right
2. Phone is harder
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