If I Drink, If I Smoke

smoking is bad, do not smoke

I shall condemn smoking
I shall denounce your act
I shall not be misled by your uninformed judgment
I shall not be influenced by your foolish decisions to look cool 

….is how I feel I should face smoking, and people around me who smoke.

But why am I wired to reprove smoking when I’ve been surrounded my entire life by people who smoke. Who else to turn to but my wise mother…and the conversation went something like this:
“What do you think of people who smoke?”

“I dont care”

“So are you not annoyed if people around you (loved ones, friends) smoke?”

“Its none of my business what”

“What if I smoke”

“oh nono u kennut” (she sounded like she was joking when she said this…so I’m not sure if she really meant it lol)

“Dont worry I’m not smoking.. but like idk if I should be against my friends smoking…like what if suddenly Denise wants to smoke? (she does not, this is as hypothetical as it gets – sorry I used ur name Denise hahahah) Am I supposed to scold her and be super against it?”

“I dont care about other people”

Moral of the story: I’m still not sure whether I am against loved ones picking up smoking because I was wired to think that way or because I am truly against it (like duh I study the risks smoking brings to your body). Is it the stigma/ anti smoking campaigns that have ingrained this DO NOT SMOKE message into me? But why am I okay with certain people smoking and not okay with certain others doing it?

Why do I reject the cigarettes but welcome the vodka?