Canoe in June

Was really worried that canoe friends might start getting distant after Nationals and A’s and I must say …. i’m quite proud of us for still being pretty close. Even though the group size has dropped from 22 to like 10….(its almost half the team ((-: )


2nd week of June, we went for dinner and bingsu and to kevin train’s house!! Then we all had to catch the last bus so we all went home IMG_4328IMG_4329

3rd week of June, we had a sleepover at Aaron’s house! IMG_4348IMG_5287

And on the last week of June, Weiqian, Emma and I went to the beach for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, there was no sun so we chilled under the clouds and had a really good talk. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Then on Saturday, we met up with the boys for dinner (somewhat….only Chew ate lol) and then we went to Kevin’s house! Fun fun! IMG_4498


When The Muscles Fail

….the mind takes over…

That was canoe mantra for the entire period we were training for Nats (well for me at least). Let me elaborate on the wonders of this quote, so nicely printed onto to the back of our static kayak t-shirts.

First, different variations of our training schedule.
When we had school, it was usually 2 gym, 2 water, morning run:
– Gym
Tues– Morning Run
Wed– Water
Thurs – Gym
Sat– Lornie 6km Run/ Forest 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% run, Water, Afternoon Water

During June/ December holidays, we spent our entire day at macritchie. Going for morning run, then paddling, having lunch, sleeping at mushroom cafe, followed by afternoon paddling. Sometimes we had to go to school to gym instead of a second paddling session (this was the killer 9 times a week training) :
-Land, Water
Tues – Water, Water
Wed – Water
Thurs –
Water, Land
Fri – Water, Water

Before Nats, we had water Mon-Sat. You finish at 430, you rush down to paddle as much as you can and do after water programme.

We ran ~10km, paddled > 30km, did > 400 pull ups, 1000000 push ups, gazillion box pulls a week.

But it was all good because we were doing it as a team and every one was going through the same shit as you. I loved to run, I loved paddling in my k2, k4 (not k1 fk k1) and something that was so physically AND mentally exhausting was actually made enjoyable (somewhat, i probably hated it while we were paddling 18km or doing 20x500m sprints). But at least feeling accomplished at the end of trainings made every thing worth it.

Even FOOD BAN. I REFRAINED FROM EATING MY CHICKEN CHIP KAYA WAFFLE FOR 5 MONTHS. 5 MONTHS. I ate salad, porridge, wraps AND NO MAKAN BAGUS FOR THE ENTIRETY OF FOOD BAN. No sweet drinks, no fried food. NONE. And I attribute that to wanting to cleanse my body from grease and fats so that we could do well for Nats. I guess that motivation is a lot stronger than wanting to lose weight because trying to exercise now and control my diet is DISASTROUS.

There is no self control, there is no will power. WHAT happened to the power of the mind? )-: its hard to do things alone, without a purpose and loving food.

I used to be able to push myself so hard during runs just because I wanted to reach first, or because I couldn’t give up and had to lead by example. Pushed myself until I almost blacked out, until I’m about to puke, until I can’t even move. Now whenever I’m slightly tired, I just TAKE A BREAK. excuses. But it really is very hard.

I get so revolted by the way my body looks now, so nauseated by how lazy my movements are. How fat my arms are, delts aren’t rock hard, lats are covered with a layer of fat, stomach isn’t toned but instead a pudge, cellulite all over my thighs, flabby calves, sausage like forearms, no sharp jaw line, JUST FAT. And I’m motivated to exercise when I look in the mirror. But its not enough. It will never be enough because I can’t exercise like we did in canoe. (spoken by a fellow sportsperson, ex softball player).

tb to toner, leaner daysIMG_1989IMG_5284


Canoe Revival

You really don’t know how much you’ve missed it till you’re back at it. On wednesday, Adilah, Minh Anh and I headed back to MacRitchie to help our juniors with the grand juniors.

Although some things felt completely foreign, like:
– reaching the shed and not seeing my own teammates
– the shed looked rather different
– reaching for my paddle and realising that they no longer separate it boys paddles one side, girls paddles one side…then realising that my paddle is not in its usual place and no where to be found
– not seeing the lifejackets arranged girls at the bottom, boys on the top….then realising theres no lifejacket with the red tape that says ‘NICOLE’ on it

There was so much familiarity and you really felt everything in your bones…like muscle memory…
– I got to take connect (even tho my soul belongs to k4, connect is still pretty close to my heart)
– Got on at the pontoon and launched and everything felt so natural…I finally understand what coach meant by you never forget technique
– Even getting into the boat at the shore felt so natural, even though we haven’t gone in that way since forever ago
– And just take every stroke was so…normal
– running to the toilet bc momma was coming to fetch me
– waiting at the carpark with my multiple bags, wet plastic bags and protein drink
– the mild bruise at the base of my thumb from paddling

ahh i miss being in the cca…i miss feeling like canoeing was something i was supposed to do and part of my routine…i miss subjecting my body to that intensity everyday because my body becomes so used to the vigour that it doesn’t hurt BECAUSE  I DO NOT miss my shoulder aching.. bc not carrying a boat in 10 months makes your shoulder weak and easily bruised…dude single carrying connect back to the shed that day was so painful (in my defence, there was a weight inside)


On this enTHAItaining Trip

Was supposed to get this in before the year ended but I didn’t get the chance to (kdrama got in the way lol). Anyway, introducing…CANOE THAILAND TRIP.

Day 1


Our flight was in the evening to BKK and by the time we reached it was 8pm+. After meeting Jam at the the airport, we headed to HERE HOSTEL – the accommodation we booked through Airbnb.
THE PLACE WAS SO FREAKING COOL. It had a slide that brought you to the lobby. It wasn’t those lame slides that you go down slowly. Once you got on and pushed off, you literally zoomed down. IMG_8538.JPGThis was the girls cramp ass room. But it was great for HTHTs because we sat on the top bunks across each other and it was cosy. IMG_8473We headed out for dinner after settling down. Some street stalls w noodles and wanton and dimsum and ONLY 70BAHT!! Which is like $2.80. CHEAP AND GOOD, my favIMG_8492.JPGWe headed back after getting some famous condensed milk toast thing and walking the streets.

Day 2
I thought it’d be hard to wake the boys up, but they actually woke up earlier than us. The hostel was seriously amazing for the price we paid. They served breakfast and the bed and pillows made you feel like you were sleeping on clouds.

We rode on tuktuks to the Grand Palace and dude it was so hot and crowded. I had fun nonetheless walking around in the skirt they made us put on. We went to another noodle shop for lunch that served thai iced tea for 20BAHT ($0.80!!!!!!). After lunch we ate SOMEMORE. Kebabs, thai iced tea, waffles, coconut ice cream. Then we went to Platinum mall for SHOPPING!!!!! Last time I went with my mum we couldn’t really find clothes to buy but walking around with the girls this time was so much fun and we all managed to find something we liked. (I think the guys bought more than us). IMG_8638.JPGIMG_0745.JPG


Bag man Ian who had to hold the girls’ bags cause we were taking a photo


It was hard to get a taxi from platinum mall so we took tuktuks to the train station and took the train to Siam where most of us had our first Thai pad thais and then the girls had some famous toast. That night we went to Khao San road too.

Day 3
We went for a tantalizing Thai full body massages and ate more street food. Jam, Weiqian and I went for manicures/pedicures. That night we had dinner at some fusion restaurant and $1 dimsum afterwards and waited for Hsin An to arrive. Then we went to get more food and ended up eating padthai at 11pm.IMG_8866IMG_8883IMG_8903

Day 4
We woke up at 4+ and spent the day travelling to Surat thani airport, then a bus to the ferry terminal and finally a ferry to Koh SamuiIMG_9179IMG_9413

Jam’s parents got food for us. So spicy but sooooo shiokk. Everyones lips/face were red but seriously the best tomyum I’ve ever had. And we played orientation games that night and A SOCIAL SUICIDE GAME SERIOUSLY omg.

Day 5
SNORKELLING DAY!! Took a catamaran to the beautiful island. At the first stop, we jumped off the first and second level of the boat into the water as the rest of the passengers watched from below. Yknow? It just felt like one of those moments…you’re young and doing the kind of things you won’t do when you’re older and it felt great because of the people I was doing it with. Then we went to another area for lunch and a second snorkelling site. Climbed onto each others shoulders, splashed water…it was a pretty great afternoon IMG_9625IMG_9937IMG_9895

Then we headed back on the same boat but we sat on the upper deck. The wind was VICIOUS. We couldn’t sit on the stools because our butts wouldn’t stay on the seats, our drinks wouldn’t stay in their cups and our hair wouldn’t stay out of our face. It was actually a challenge walking against the wind. At one point, Aaron, Chew, and I fell off the bench because of the turbulence. Boys even offered hair untangling services for the girls that night because even conditioner couldn’t undo the knots. IMG_9796IMG_9904

Day 6
We were supposed to go kayaking but the bad weather forecast forced us to postpone it. So instead, we stayed in the villa and chilled for most of the morning. Then in the late afternoon we went to GRANDFATHER GRANDMOTHER ROCKS.IMG_9949IMG_9969IMG_0008

Day 7

The next day, I had a sprained ankle in the morning but thank God the only activity we had was night fishing. The boat ride was actually quite bad and a few of us ended up getting sea sickness. Jam and I puked and slept most of the way. It was quite upsetting because I couldn’t move much w my ankle + i couldn’t enjoy the trip. But on the bright side, I caught a fish in the middle of my sea sickness and moving around hahah. Although, I think I was lucky because I took over Jams rod. IMG_0634

Day 8
The last activity day in Koh Samui. KAYAKING and TREKKING. I couldn’t trek so for the first one, Jam sat w me and we had a nice talk about life. Then at the kayaking part, we resumed K2 partnering and it was fun paddling with her again in the choppy waters. We went to a beach where there was trekking pt2 and I intended on just sun bathing while the rest of them trekked. But in the end Adilah, Matt, Emma, Edwin, Ian and Aaron didn’t go up and we played beach games and ended up burying Adilah. (-:



The ride back was pretty relaxing. We sat on the top deck and we just lay down and slept. Back at the villa, the boys tried doing their trick shot (which I am excited to watch but the videos haven’t been uploaded.) We went to a food court for dinner and celebrated Emma’s birthday.
Then we had KFC CHICKEN TENDERS (so cheap) and we headed to a night market. Bought super delicious prawn fritter things. Adilah and Chew bought INSECTS which actually wasn’t that bad for me haha but “ALL THE JUICE” apparently squirted in Adilahs mouth.IMG_0577IMG_0578

That night we pulled all nighters and stayed up till the next day cause we had to leave the house at 5+

Day 8
The last day was the saddest day. I didn’t think about it much during the trip, but when it finally came time to say goodbye to Jam it hit me like a truck. The whole bus ride to the ferry terminal, K4 scenes were just running through my mind. But we bid goodbye to Thailand, the crappy service at the airport where we had to wait a couple of hours, the villa, DONNA, the Thai instant noodles, the nutella, bread and Jam (food product AND Yanisa lol)IMG_0669.JPG