Feelings are thicker than Blood

You chose her, over me.
You chose your happiness over the vows you made.
You chose freedom over your responsibilities.
There’s no good cop, bad cop- you’re just a bad person.
I wish I could say I loved you the same, but I can’t.
I wish our relationship would remain the same, but it won’t – not after knowing what you have done – ┬ánot just to me but to others as well, not after finding out you are not the person I thought you were.

At the back of my mind, something is telling me I shouldn’t have exposed you.
But if I didn’t, I think I’d die from hating you from within.

You shouldn’t be apologising for not sharing this part of your life with me, you should be apologising for creating this life away from me.

You chose her over me



Its been a while since I put my thoughts into words and shared my monthly memories. I’ll try and do a quick catch up from december till may.

Stay tuned