The Human Condition

“You’re gonna perpetually be in the state of mind of a being teenager, where you’re analysing every single action that you take and hating yourself, even though nobody really cares” – Anna Akana

Indeed Anna, indeed.

What a timely time for this video that Anna Akana posted on Youtube just 5 minutes ago.
Backstory: Basically, there is a group of seniors that I always notice in the library, and for some reason I’m always looking in their direction so it seems like we always catch one another’s glance but we’ve never spoken. So today, unsurprisingly, they were in the library again but this time, one of my friends was sitting with them. SO, I went up behind him and gave him a scare before carrying on my merry way back to my seat. Then I found out that those seniors that I keep having awkward eye contact with, thought that I was freaking weird. Or rather, they think my that senior friend is weird for hanging out with me. And for the next hour + in the library I sat there replaying that cringe worthy moment where I went up and ‘boo’ed my senior friend and walked away laughing, and how they must have been like wtf. And man did I feel awful thinking that these group of people thought I was weird.

3 hours later, I’m sitting here wondering why the heck I care what these people think of me? Like who are they to judge me when they don’t even know me? Then I ask myself, why am I am bothered by them having this impression of me. Do I think they’re cool – no. Are they in any way superior to me – no. Does their existence have any impact on me – no. Are they Beyonce????? NOOOOO. So who are they to judge the kind of jokes my friends and I have. Right????

So, I shall stop feeling this cringey feeling and let it go.



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