Have you ever been hit by an emotion?

The feeling manifests in your heart. Then, almost immediately its transmitted to every part of your body. Imagine neurons and the emotion is an action potential, jumping from synapse to synapse. You feel it travelling in ur arms your legs, goosebumps literally appear a second later. Tears swell up in your eyes, all you feel is an ache in your heart and a helplessness in your mind. And thats my description of being hit by an emotion, namely – sadness.


She Jeered

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”

Gotta stop scoffing and jeering at people when they don’t know or have never tried things I know and have experienced.

Goodness what a habit character trait. Despite them not knowing one thing I know, imagine all the thousands of things they may know that I’m clueless about.

Come on, be more humble and understanding and down to earth and not such a snob


The Art of Arguing


Is there an art to arguing? Are there a set of guidelines to follow to ensure both parties are not at each others throats after a period of time.

We fight. The one in the wrong, lets call them A, apologies to other party, B.
acknowledges that is apologetic and thus tries their best to get over the anger. Soon, things are back to normal. Fights may repeat, but the important thing is that is apologetic and tries their best to change and make it up to B. In return, B attempts to stop feeling angry.

We fight. The one in the wrong, lets call them A, apologies to other party, B. can’t help but not be angry. No matter how hard they try, they are still pissed off beyond imagination. wants to be angry to ensure such fights never happen again. They are led by the emotions stirring in their minds, feelings thrashing in their hearts. As much as they want to get over it, they can’t forgive as easily despite A’s valiant attempts at apologising.



I’ve Got Issues: Perspective

What happens when people have different perspectives on things because their families have different perspectives of things.

Let me paint you 2 scenarios:
One sibling was on the way home from tuition so her dad told her mom to just ask her to take a grab, its only ~$10. He mentioned it multiple times and emphasised how cheap it was. In this family’s perspective, taking grab/uber/taxi seems like a perfectly normal mode of transportation. If it’s convenient, just take it, it’ll save you the time.

The mother of another asked her how she was going home that night and the reply was ‘grab hitch’. The following morning, a lecture began about wasting money taking grab when the mother herself doesn’t even want to pay for parking in town and resorts to just taking the bus. She questioned the reason for staying out late and not coming home earlier just so she could catch the bus. She emphasised the ridiculousness of taking grab/uber/taxi anywhere.

On one hand, one of them cannot comprehend why the other is so reluctant to take a cab, cannot comprehend why the other is so rigid and unadventurous. On the other, the latter is afraid to go out late, go to far away places, having to resort to taking a cab back to make it back on time, before curfew, afraid to breach the little freedom she has.

How do people from different perspectives of this mode of transport, come together and understand each other?

NOW, take this grab/uber/taxi example and apply it to the many different morals/ values/ principles/ beliefs these people have and imagine the conflict.