Train Of Thought

I was sitting at the Bishan MRT station waiting for my train > remembering coming out of the train Otw home from school > remembering I didn’t take the train that often Bc we practically had training every day > thinking about how much I miss having my school days packed with activities and being in an active Cca/ training for a goal > hating my new schools system and lack of commitment/ Organisation > being sad about missing out on the Singapore university education system > not wanting to go back at the end of Feb ): 



We all need distance, we can’t be clingy beings the entirety of our lives.
But what if the distance becomes too great?
Too often we are apart that we become separate individuals.

Slowly the bridge between our hearts begins to disintegrate and eventually emotions fade.
Then what?

But we also can’t be hooked up on each other’s every move. We can’t be in constant contact during each other’s every waking moment.

How do we define the balance between being a part of each others lives and giving each other enough space?



tired of everything, everything that has been going on
you don’t even the know half of it

torn between giving up and giving in
and  wanting to preserve through it all

its time to stop drop and roll