Cant Get Enough

This song makes me think of you and gives me all sorts of feels. It makes me feel uncomfortable but also so comforted, all at the same time.


Mind Over Body

Food is my kryptonite.

I really..ugh.. feeling so untoned and blobby is making me feel so awful everyday. I exercise and for some reason people say I look like I put on weight. Then I look at food and I want to eat everything.

And everyday is an internal battle on wanting to eat what I want to eat or having to eat healthily.

Isn’t it funny how when I first came I didn’t give 2 shits about what I was consuming and was like NASI LEMAK, NASI KUKUS, TAU HUEY CHWEE, CHICKEN RICE, SAO ROU, KFC, MIXED RICE THAT COST RM10, and I didnt seem to be putting on weight. And yet now, when I’m watching what I’m eating, I’m still putting  on weight?


READ the other time I felt this shitty here: When The Muscles Fail



I wish I did.

They say its because I’m not putting in the effort to remember, but I really am. Why would I not want to remember.

I listen, and I think about it but somehow as time passes, the details always become sketchy.

I even mix up what I did or said at that point of time. I don’t recall what you told me. Why am I so inattentive?

i thought i told you last time


Invalid Discourse

My thoughts cowered to the corner,
knowing that if I let you read what was on my mind,
your assessment of me would be less than satisfactory.

Beholden to your biased discernment,
your burgeoning desire to reprimand and criticise my decisions,
my visceral decision to share was attenuated.

But I did it anyway and look where we are now.

And of course I will lose because I must be submissive, for you are the authority.

This discourse is now invalid.



October!!! It passed really fast because it was basically spent studying my ass off for our exam on the 31st October.

  1. Went back to Singapore!!! Met family, canoe and NUS pals. Joe and Zoo sent me off at the airport and that was 3 short days in Singapore.

2. Then came back to Malaysia and celebrated Rach’s birthday
3. Got our stethoscopes
4. Painted a naked lady
5. And skyped study with pals

6. Touch Rug was one of the best things I joined. CARDIO and great great.
7. We had hospital visit at Port Dickson, which was quite interesting but also everyone spoke Malay and it was real tough to communicate

8. KGB was to die for
9. Skype time
10. Really want to get the round specs
11. Finally tried the KFC CHEESY ONION GOODNESS. Goodness was that great