I’m stressed about my exams but I’m telling myself its gonna be okay…then I begin to think its okay…then I slack off…then I start panicking….then I start being upset over other small things so I don’t get upset about my study progress and everything is just a coagulated bundle of stress.


Let’s Not be Friends

They called us exclusive because we had cliques. OKAY, we were – but thats only because: why would you want us to pretend to be your friend, and not like you behind your back? If our personalities clash, if we aren’t open minded and magnanimous enough, if we just aren’t meant to be friends, lets not be friends.



She gave up
on me only being there when it was convenient
on me only needing her when I had no one else

She gave up
being the only one trying in the relationship
sitting around all day waiting for me

She didn’t want to be needy but she needed to be loved
and you weren’t loving her back


Keep Your Hands Off

with your arm propped casually on her shoulder,
your palm caressed her thigh affectionately,
you put your face next to hers, cheeks almost touching

she inhaled the smoke escaping your lips,
you breathed in her existence,
and I watched as my lungs collapsed on me

you plant a kiss on her forehead,
her nose,
her lips
lower and lower, just like my heart – sinking in my chest.

why was your arm around some other girl’s shoulder? 


You’re Bad For Me

you were always there for me;
in the middle of the night, whenever I was down
you filled the void that pierced my heart
you radiated a warmth from within me
and I was at peace with you.

but you’re bad for me,
the things you do to my body,
the withdrawal I feel when I’m away you.
I smell you even when you’re not around,
I taste you on my lips even after I thought I had rid you from my system.

I crave you too often for my own good
I want you too much its bad for my health
emotional, physical, social – you destroy every aspect.

oh unhealthy food, you make me so happy but you’re so bad for me.