What It Means To Be With You


Elevator Conversations

You have less than a minute
to convey your sentiments
to a stranger you met in the lift. How much do you say?

Is this how you make friends?
In a compact 4-walled mechanical box that goes up and down

Yesterday I was in the lift with another Singaporean.
I stared at the light radiating from my hand i.e. my phone, as one does, in awkward lift situations until she voiced “you’re Nicole right?”

I then had the span of 1 floor to dignify that it was worthwhile to have engaged in dialogue with me
How I wished the mechanical box arrested between floors


I eyevesdropped

I peeked over his shoulder:

Heart emojis emerged from her side of the chat
“I love you” he typed
For a moment his finger hovered over the send button

He clicked send.

How lovely it is, to be loved

[to be continued]


A GUST of wind blew, and AUGUST was over

I regret not saving my snapchat stories since coming here and compiling them into a month of living abroad, sigh. And starting now seems so random and no point since school is gonna get busier….hmm what should I do…everyone keeps saying my story looks damn fun. More than half a month late, but here is my August

Went to tramp park with Snow-white (-: and had the best time bouncing, somersaulting and climbing around. Then went for my FIRST EVER real barbecue, also with Snow White that they so amazingly planned without my knowledge. Good food, good music, great people (-:

Then after the barbecue, I rushed to Clarke Quay to meet Canoe + Bremen + Ben at Prive for some drinks and had the best time with them. For once I didnt fight with Edwin on the way home hahaha.

The next day Joe and Jasmine treated me to dinner and whoopwhoop.

Then I brought the Zoo out to sea with the parents as a farewell party. Pizza, drinks, chips, dips, curry puffs, best pals, and moreeeee. Played on the island, went around kayaking in my boat, played on the yacht, it was a good day.

Had last dinners with cousins….(I miss family dinners )-: )


We celebrated Jo’s birthday too!

And this was the rest of orientation: being Indian dancers, lonely dinners at night, video calling bc the boys were too lazy to go for the briefing, wet games, treating danial to waffles and ice cream on his birthday, mass group 11 gathering, finale night and viva/ drinking night.

thats basically how august ended…..sometime in august, Rach, Dan and I spent the day shopping at Ikea/ Curve/ Ace hahaha

hmm dunno this month seemed v messy


1 Month of Solo

Its been a month since I left Singapore. I month and 2 days. I’ve made new friends and I’ve been having fun. The past month has been full of new experiences and I learnt how to do things on my own. hahahahahaha

Ok I miss home, but I think for now I’ve been caught up with so many activities and with the addition of housework, I have no time to sit there and be mope about my life away from Singapore. Cooking surprisingly talked up a lot of time and eating out makes me fat. IVE EATEN SO MUCH SINCE COMING HRE ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. And when every one organises outings back home, I feel a little regretful that I’m not there with them.

1 and a half months till exams, need to start studying, but also can’t wait to go home soon. but also I’m having a lot of fun