There are seriously an infinite number of things to worry about….
-whether I’ll get to matriculate in August
– whether I will find a nice apartment
– how I’m gonna live the next 5-6 years away from home; away from mum and her nagging
– how I will perform in school; whether I will get into the University of Glasgow/ or whichever university later on
– will I get robbed
– am I gonna make good friends there
– what about my friends here? they’ll get to see one another all the time…and i’ll be….away
– should i have just done double major here
– will i ever know how to properly draw eyeliner and do my brows and contour?????

and I’m grateful for the immense support from my friends, but I feel like theres a constant missing. A constant I can tell my secrets too…(for e.g. omggggg look at the dinosaur ones and the whale ones and the heart ones and omggggg)IMG_4525.JPG and they’ll secretly buy them for me. hahahahahaha jk.

idk I guess I’m just scared


Canoe in June

Was really worried that canoe friends might start getting distant after Nationals and A’s and I must say …. i’m quite proud of us for still being pretty close. Even though the group size has dropped from 22 to like 10….(its almost half the team ((-: )


2nd week of June, we went for dinner and bingsu and to kevin train’s house!! Then we all had to catch the last bus so we all went home IMG_4328IMG_4329

3rd week of June, we had a sleepover at Aaron’s house! IMG_4348IMG_5287

And on the last week of June, Weiqian, Emma and I went to the beach for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, there was no sun so we chilled under the clouds and had a really good talk. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Then on Saturday, we met up with the boys for dinner (somewhat….only Chew ate lol) and then we went to Kevin’s house! Fun fun! IMG_4498


Korea: dontaNIKhowseYEO

Finally coming round to do a Korea summary. Had a lot of fun trying to speak korean and translating for my mum, half the time getting responses I didn’t understand. Had a lot of fun taking a lot of pictures with Denise. Had a lot of fun eating. Had a lot of fun shopping. Had a lot of fun.

Day 1-2

travelling travelling… and MYSTERIOUS ROAD. The Mysterious Road is mysterious because apparently cars with their engines switched off can roll uphill (it supposedly looks uphill but is actually downhill). But this was a total fluke because the ‘uphill’ road that was supposed to look like it was uphill….looked perfectly downhill.
Anyway, then we headed to an ice palace where we carved our own glasses out of blocks of ice and they poured us drinks to drink from it.
We played in an ice palace, sliding down an ice slope. And also a trick eye museum!

Day 3 

Jeju ballin, we went to view some dragon rock head thing but tbh we were more interested in getting cute pictures with the Jeju statuesP1120101P1120098

The rest of the day was pretty much activity after activity:
glass museum ; where we spent more time trying to jump onto the rock balls than admiring the glass

jeju chocolate factory IMG_0720
and hello kitty museum; where we had more fun trying to rock climbing than looking at hello kitty artefacts (fun fact: I hate hello kitty) IMG_0731

And then the HIGHLIGHT OF DINNER: live octopus which i really enjoyed (even tho the picture below is us with fish tails in our mouths…..we didn’t get a shot of the octopus together….just use ur imagination) IMG_0748

Day 4
and a really good dinnerIMG_0792

Day 5

Sightseeing… took a cable car up to a spectacular view. Went to Mt Sorak and took all these pretty photos

Day  6

Nami Island and Lotte world! First time riding on a double bicycle haha.
Also took a stroll to myeongdong from the hotel and bought the famous egg bread!!! (not worth the hype tbh)


Day 7
Shopping day! IMG_4914P1120528Free facial session  tooIMG_4908

and handbook wearing session after we made gimbapsIMG_4870IMG_0926.JPG


Day 8

Went to Mapo Market, bought more food…ate more food. What a great way to end the trip P1120537


Link to the Korea Video: https://youtu.be/E5Q9pY-CIho



We were talking about how it’s been months since we’ve had to study. Once in a while you’re overcome with guilt because you feel like you should be studying…but hey…there’s nothing to study. 

This was supposed to be a period of fun but now I’m stressing over school and things that need to be done while I’m out and it sucks. 

Guilt is possibly the worst possible feeling to feel. 


Happy for You

Pictures I’m living though for now,
Trying to remember all the good times

i will be more chill. i will. try. at least.
stop comparing things to the past and take it as it is.

it will be as it is.
and i will be contented.

right? i will.


tone it down on the uptightness, tone it down on the clinging, stop obsessing on forever and all will go well, Nicole.



I Like You

There are 2 kinds of ‘I Like You’s.

1: I want to constantly talk to you and to know more. When you don’t reply, I’m sad. Its easy to talk to you and conversation flows like the water at MacRitchie.

2: I want to talk to you but I don’t know what to say. I have to ask my friends ‘HOW DO I REPLY THIS???’

Which is there real ‘I like you’?



I never thought I would

I guess this is what it feels to grow up and try new things. 

I once said: I’d never dye my hair, I’d never curl my hair, I’d never smoke and I’d never get a tattoo

I’ve done 2/4 of those things and had an obsession with another.

has the person I used to think I was…vanished? I’ve done things I never pictured myself doing. I never thought I was this kind of person.

Is it wrong that I don’t mind?