Thank You very Mochi Japan

Haven’t been on a holiday in sooooo long, this was a good trip. Especially because it was winter and a tour (i.e. cold weather and new friends).

Day 1/2
We spent most of the day travelling but reached Hokkaido at 2pm and started exploring. We went on a cable car at night too, but my grandparents got lost and ended up in a Japanese woman’s house. IMG_0031.JPG

Day 3
It started getting colder and we went to this seafood place, a volcanic mountain and a marine park. Went for karaoke with the kids of the tour too and everyone was from choir/ could sing, and then there was me…hahaa but it was funIMG_0061IMG_0065IMG_0122


Day 4
Went to a lavender place, then on automobiles to the top of a mountain, and walked in the snow to 7/11 at night w the boisIMG_8058IMG_0234


Day 5
Ice palaceIMG_0263IMG_0281IMG_7926

Got put into a taxi w Justin and Aunty Lynn and wandered around before going back to the hotel

Day 6
Cheese source and Catsup yupIMG_7939P1110807IMG_0316IMG_0342IMG_0347IMG_0379






Day 7
The end

Japan, you have been fun, I love you very matcha