The Day After As

HELLO!!!!!! As HAVE ENDED!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE ENDED!!!!!!!!!!!! Tbh it feels kind of surreal that we have no school and theres so much time to do so many things, but for now, it will just be holidays and going out with people that we were so deprived of for the last 2 months.

Anyway, heres just a update on our tragic day yesterday after the chem paper. It was raining and we planned on going for karaoke + buy denise’s birthday presents (Jo and Kim were supposed to buy while Evan and I kept Denise occupied).

So anyway, we went to somerset to have 4fingers (good stuff really, and the student price makes it so worth it). Then we walked in the rain w 4 people and 2 umbrellas to the bus stop only to realise that the bus we needed to take to get to the hotel (where the karaoke was) wasn’t operating. We decided to cab because we weren’t sure how far the place was. Ran in the rain and caught a cab to the hotel to find out THE KARAOKE WAS FULLY BOOKED TILL 7 (it was 1735 at that time).

SO what to do we just booked 7 then went to plaza sing AND REALISED HOW NEAR IT WAS AND WE SHOULD HAVE JUST TAKEN THE TRAIN AND WALKED.

Anyway, ya it was alot more tragic that it sounds haha but after getting to our room and singing at the top of our lungs, all was well and I am happy.


Stay tuned for more posts!!!!