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Canoe memories haven’t died downIMG_4236
Also JOS BIRTHDAY! Basically we had Tuesday morning free and gathered outside her gate at 630 (thank God she goes to Hwachong and wakes up at 7) then we climbed up so her aunty would see us over the gate and let us in. It was a good morning (-: IMG_4334IMG_4406IMG_4425

Also found a Kim who came with a surprise study pack ((-: IMG_4528
Food adventures with mummy: IMG_4682IMG_4814

Really this month has just been studying and being stressed, discovering friendships and myself in the process. Wah seriously ah, life quite tiring…but be my guest and give it your best shot because you’re not gonna knock me down  (HAHAHAHAHA yuck OMG SO CHEESY…..but I had to make it link to my title..pls forgive)

The next few months are gonna be hell but I guess theres good stuff to look forward to like London and Thailand and driving and many many more!!!! kkbye

(i’ll start drafting FF part ii soon friends!!!!! I promise!!!!!!!)


Fading Friendships pt(i)

Maybe this is how they end…

Distance creates itself out of no where,
like magnets with like-poles placed together,
my body is physically repelled from yours,
my mind alike.

You stop saying hi,
and I start avoiding your gaze,
strangers with a past,
but no future.

Your silent presence irks me,
maybe you feel likewise,
but we’ll never know,
for the bridge of friendship has been burnt.

Hostility is reciprocated with ignorance,
ignorance with disappointment,
I guess this is the vicious cycle,
the viscous cycle that ends friendships.

I feel an emptiness in my chest, but
this too shall pass

[physically felt myself being hostile to someone last week and realized what I must have been like months ago. I guess it takes 2 hands to clap, but first you must want to applaud]


Ju(you) LY(lie) to me every time

HECTIC HECTIC MONTH! Delusional and pretending like I still have time till prelims / As when time is actually running out but ok JULY!! (maybe I’ll stop posting monthly-s…lemme know what you think…)

MET UP WITH KRISTINE BC my great friend, boy have I missed you (and yes, my eyes thank you for your blog skin update bc i don’t have to squint to read it. BUT U REMOVED IT???? HELLO wat…can’t text u now because my phone isn’t with me but TAY SEN HUI PLEASE REPLY)IMG_2575

LEGACY…Its scary thinking about it now, how we’re the seniors going back..we’re all fair and our muscles have deflated (most of us anyway) . Miss being fit and tan and having to see the team everyday and ugh I don’t want to think about it anymore. I’ll just keep the memories…IMG_2608IMG_2614IMG_2615IMG_2638IMG_2641IMG_2644IMG_2696

I did an unexpected thing too! Went for Army Social Night with Lico hurhur. It was really fun: food, they performed, pictures, met MG seniors yay. IMG_2801

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Celebrated Wei Qian’s birthday too! > half the team attendance IMG_2845

Been having dinner with cousins more often too. They’re growing up so fast )-: Portia’s almost taller than me and Enzo’s being all sporty with Rugby and all.  IMG_2966
Uncle Alvin is a gr8 cook.IMG_3233

Fortnightly dinner w grandparents (-: IMG_3850

also went on an adventure to Changi IMG_3877

and managed to donate blood this year!!IMG_4040 
Thats about it…. lots of posts in the line up….see u soon

Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies