Day 2, 3, 4 Nationals

Day 2
Nerves weren’t so bad because the heats had only 3 boats and it was gonna be straight finals. The race was the last race of the day and we spent the day trying to conserve energy and stayed in the shade. We got into our boat after our warm up and everything. Then Jam realized she couldn’t fit her styrofoam block in and we started to panic because we needed to cut the duct tape that was stuck. Thankfully the boys ran over really quickly and macho-ly used keys to cut it off. READY. SET, *horn sound* we paced with NJ and came in 2nd, pretty good end to day 2.IMG_7395  IMG_7403

Day 3
Only some of the boys raced their semi-finals and the rest of us had training. Then watched Russell Peters at night haha, laughed until I literally was so tired I couldn’t laugh anymore.IMG_7423

Day 4
D-DAY. The final day of our canoe life as canoeists of the the ’14/’15 batch. Very proud of the girls because everyone really went all out and everyone got into finals. Most of us had 2 races and it really was very nerve wrecking. Coach said worst case scenario: we get 3rd for 1000m and 4th for 500m.

The races were pushed up and we were pressed for time. We ran for 3 minutes instead of 6 so we could still do our normal water warm up but when we got in, the footstrap was duct taped again. It was a repeat of Tuesday and we all started to panic even more because it was 3 races to our race. Jam got so pissed off, Emma started breaking down and I ran around frantically trying to look for scissors and it was just mayhem until Aaron took control of the whole situation and got us to take deep breaths to calm down. We fixed the problem and paddled straight up without doing our normal warm up which got us all nervous because not warming up was dangerous for us, especially Iffah. We raced down and got 3rd and Iffah’s heart condition started acting up. Luckily Teu pointed it out to us because moments after she practically passed out in the boat.

Luckily we were near the pontoon and the medics came and carried her out of the boat. Her eyes kept rolling back and everything just got very scary very quickly.They put the oxygen reader on her finger and it said no reading and the rest of us started breaking down and they forced us to leave. All I could think about was what if something happened to her and it’ll be our fault because we continued to race, we kept shouting GO, she raced with us and something was gonna happen to her all because of us. But she got better and everything was eventually okay after 3 of us crying repeatedly then stopping to rationalize then crying again. When I saw her sitting up happily eating her bread, I was so relieved. That morning was such a roller coaster.

500m race was another roller coaster of emotions. We were predicted to get 4th because the SA config for that race was super fast. We raced down and at the last part I looked at Hwachong in lane 5 and screamed GO. We crossed the finish line and no one knew what we came in. The pontoon guy shouted for lane 3, 4 and 5 to weigh their boats (we were lane 2) so we paddled away.

Emma turned around and asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how sad we were and I rated it a 3. 3 because it really was the best set we could’ve done, we literally couldn’t have gone any faster because best frequency, best technical, best power. 3 because Hwa Chong and us were quite close and it was a pity. But it was ok because it was our best.

Got out and took pictures with people who came down, told everyone we got 4th and the other k4 girls went to do their own thing. Then daddy came over and held up 3 fingers with a cheeky smile. I replied sadly shaking my head saying no, we got 4th. NO he exclaimed and showed me a picture on his phone.

3. Anglo-Chinese Junior College

My heart started racing but I didn’t dare let myself get excited because maybe that was this mornings results. But I looked closer and it said Event 425 A Divs 500m. I threw my paddle to my dad, grabbed his phone and ran through the throngs of people shouting for the 3 of them.

Hyperventilating, jumping, screaming soon followed as we confirmed the results with the result board. There is no better feeling then finding out when you got 3rd when u thought u got 4th and was actually satisfied with 4th.

Its been a hell of a ride but really: Grateful for k4. Grateful for captains. Grateful for girls. Grateful for boys. Grateful for team.


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More than Lovers

More than lovers, I think I’d just really like to be your good friend .

Something about you and I never working out will always ring in my ears and risking our friendship doesn’t seem worth it. Why would I commit such a misdemeanor? Am I even in any place to have such thoughts when what we have is so remote. You and I aren’t even at that level of friendship and I am in no place to have a crush on you. (lol crush sounds so primary school)

Is it strange I’m drawn to you because I feel a sense of security, a familiarity. But it would never work out romantically. Could it? Nah, it would never. You’re so full of shit yet so full of truly lovely qualities and it makes my stoic heart falter. (ok not very stoic but still…)

The way you naturally find humour in everything,
The way your loyalty runs deep for your friends,
The way you somehow manage to get everything to work out well,
The way you always want to talk things out and solve the problem: (A long time ago I told a friend: if you’re not willing to fight for this and work this out, then what’s the point?) Somehow I feel like you would be me in that relationship. You’d fight with the other person but also FOR the other person because your friendships mean a lot to you.
The way you look into a friend you care for’s eyes. The way you genuinely worry for your friends.

I want to be someone you’d think about, but I’m not someone you’d look out for in a crowd
I want to hear your thoughts, but I don’t think you’d let me past your locked mind voluntarily
I want to be someone that matters to you, but I don’t

and thats alright, because to know that you’re doing well is love enough.

ew so cringey but just had to bc really wah people watching is amazing, you learn so much through observing.


Day 1 Nationals

We did it, made it to finals! But like what coach said, this isn’t something to rejoice about. Its not over yet.
But really very proud of the k4 girls for pushing damn hard.

The left tilt taunted us. It really just omg it was so bad and it lasted throughout the whole thing. But we managed to pace with NJC and even came in before HCI heehehe.

Our start was pretty good, then NJC started pulling away and all I could think about was shitshitshit the gap is going to widen. BUT IT DIDNT. Iffah shouted GO and we maintained the pace and just stayed slightly behind them. Then halfway through the boat slowed down so much, you could literally feel the boat go backwards, but STILL NJC didn’t pull away.

Then suddenly everything was in slow motion. We were supposed to be going at 90% but our strokes looked so slow to me, but the boat was moving pretty well. My arms were so heavy but they kept going and way that feeling. At one point I just started shouting ‘COME ON COME ON’ non stop. I don’t even know where the energy came from. And thinking about how I felt during that, i think it was really the true desire to win and I want to feel it again because its so exhilarating.

Managed to sneak peaks at the other lanes while we paddled and omg it was damn intense. It was HCI, NJC and us like neck and neck.

I really feel like if we can control this stupid left tilt, ALL WILL BE WELL.



SA -lane 2
HCI- lane 3
NJC – lane 4
ACJC – lane 5



March has been March fun

WOWOWOW April is upon us. Here is the monthly reflection thingy on March!!

March was a blend of good and bad. Bad because we had terms and sometimes trainings got really shitty. Good because spent almost everyday at macritchie, with the people I luv, doing the thing I luv(kinda hahaahahaha, most of time time at least). Many ups and downs this month, but also learnt a lot of things like:

-a moment of patience in a moment of anger can save you a hundred moments of anger

-never assume

-boys damn ignorant but v swit

Post k3 trng
death by nelo rudder
post boat maintenance chill at Bishan park  IMG_6168
Njcc!! Sucky

but zoo v supportive

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MARCH HOLS! Was at Macritchie literally everyday and below is between session break madness


ready for nats tmr, it’s the end of our journey I hope we end with a bang


I’m Scared

I’m scared that my best won’t be enough.
I’m scared of the left tilt that taunts us whenever we sprint,
Left tilt means I can’t put in power,
No power means Jam can’t up the frequency,
we slow down.

I’m scared that my best won’t be enough.
They always say: take your race as just another training, like you’ve done this a million times before,
but we haven’t,
we haven’t raced down a million times before,
we haven’t felt what its like to have boats racing next to us a million times before,
what if they just keep gliding forward and our movement is stagnant and jerky.

I’m scared I get tired,
and I start to caterpillar.

I’m scared that 4 minutes, 2 minutes, won’t be long enough,
and theres no second chance to make a comeback,
you only get one shot.

But I believe we can do it.
I know we can,
we just need to have faith