I don’t know how, but October is ending. Chinese As are finally over and soon pw will be over in 3 days and thats it. Lecture week and training training training. Seriously need to study and get my shit together too bc need to keep my H2s. Also, TUITION. Does anyone want to get private chem tuition with me )-:

ANYWAY, the past 2 weeks have been a blur and I really cannot remember what happened but photos!!!!
Went to order or team singlets and virgin llao llao experience. I liked it.   IMG_9319

Baccalaureate Service // edWinner // thanks gooey for the cookies
IMG_9200 IMG_9489 IMG_9490

Last ever chinese lesson with laoshi. Grateful for the sweetest, most caring, most understanding and most inspiring teacher.
IMG_9553 IMG_9555

Breakfast with Denise before chinese consult

And then chinese from 10am- 5pm IMG_9570 IMG_9574 IMG_9595 IMG_9598 IMG_9608

Needless to say it drove us all a little crazy because we tried to scale the walls


REWIND: Orientation + Fun O Rama

[Feeling slightly inadequate and moody these days. I don’t want to be moody or come across as grumpy but 3 people have already told me that the day Mr Tan asked me to ask the class which questions they did for promos, I sounded aggressive, looked damn buay song and Phaedra said she was scared. NEED TO GET MY EMOTIONS IN CHECK GDI]

The school term is coming to an end, idk how everything happened so quickly, but I keep thinking about how we started and memories from orientation, fun o rama and canoe camp keep resurfacing as well as random class/ zoo moments. Getting so cliche, but gonna bask in the memories of photos.

 So thankful for one of the best OGs ever. Its a pity not all of us are still close but the few that still are, thank you for being my jiemeis.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_7469

I remember when all I wanted to do was sit as an OG and I refused to get to know my class. Thank you for meeting up every morning and helping me start my day off right ((:IMG_7560 IMG_7977 IMG_9276 IMG_0016 IMG_2590 IMG_4383 IMG_4987 IMG_8267 IMG_9139_1

Fun O Rama
Very grateful that we got to experience Fun O Rama in our J1 year because the class bonded so much over the prep and everything. Plus we got to know and work with 2SC1.

Baking for fund raising: IMG_8146

Prep: IMG_8413_1 IMG_0284 IMG_0291 IMG_9728IMG_0239 IMG_0283
My double and I: IMG_0316 IMG_0318
Nice cafe people gave me food bc being a ghost child was tiring:IMG_0340
Thank you for the experience, acting and screaming was really out of my comfort zone but I’m glad I stuck with HH bc it was one of the best things I’ve ever doneIMG_0353

+ random zoo/ SC1 moments of the year

IMG_1755 IMG_2013 IMG_2304 IMG_4473
Thank you for coming when I donated blood: IMG_5242 IMG_9380 IMG_2647 IMG_3066 IMG_3301 IMG_5119 IMG_5975 IMG_6317 IMG_9278 IMG_9125

Thank you SC1 for being one of the greatest classes I’ve ever been a part of. I think these pictures + all the others I’ve posted in other posts are sufficient in depicting how wonderful our past few months together have been. So many new friendships fostered this year.

Thank you Evan, Kim, Denise and Jo for sticking by me for 4++ years.  Even though we’re not always around each other now like we were from sec 1 to 4 being in the same class and all, I still love you guys as much, possibly even more. Thank you for accepting me after seeing my weird side, angst side, high side, basically every emotion I could possibly throw at you guys.

[wowz much mushy rn but really really enjoyed this year…too much to say about canoeing so gonna draft another post, but yay for a really really good year. Read my posts last year about how I felt JC was gonna be shit. I TAKE THEM ALL BACK]



I want to be a boy. Is this absurd hahaha. Wanna be gung-ho like a boy, not afraid to try new things and just be competitive and energetic and play. I mean, not that its not inherent in girls too, just that its more apparent and common in da boyz. Been tapping on the boy reserve in our class over the past 2 days of AC games and I must say, I’m very proud of our 1sc1 boys haha.

How are boys so good at everything? Every game we played, they were killin’ it man. Watching from the sidelines and watching them play, I was in awe. Thettj was trashing the other classes during basketball. Dick is really good at defending. Zhikai was always unblocked during captains ball. All Wen Qian needed was his height for defending. Daniel was so enthusiastic in every game. Ahmed is sooo agile. And when he defends and attacks and dives and everything haha omg Ahmed is so cool, totes my idol. Aliff is just like good at everything he does. Like honestly, is there anything he can’t do? And Justin is fantabulous at cheering and baking hahahhaha. Not many guys can cook!! Its admirable. Thank you boys for playing so well every game and being all manly and stuff hahahah. IMG_9098

Girls were damn beast too, we put up a good fight and removed us from our 2nd last tradition ((-:  A+ for class spirit!! Also, boys v girls don’t forget the lyrics was hilariously fun.


IMG_9063_1 IMG_9059

Also, yesterday was the first day back at training and wooowwwww, its been very long. Feeling like an old woman because tape on hamstring, bandage around thigh, guard around ankle….
Not to mention, canoe boibois r the best boibois ever. Thank you aaron edwin kevin and chew for tending to my cramping leg.



I rather less but real than more and fake. A superficial friendship is worthless. Even if we’re close friends, I want to fight. I want to fight and resolve the matter and become even closer. Its the fact that you/I are/am someone I/you want to keep in my/your life and I’m/you’re willing to fight for this relationship and not give up halfway because ‘things are getting tough’. I want to know what means something to you and what doesn’t, what ticks you off and what puts a smile on your face. But you wouldn’t let me know if something went wrong, you wouldn’t let me know how you feel about things.

Anyway, on a lighter note, its been a while since someone called me ‘nikki’, it brought back such cringe worthy memories but also a smile to my faceIMG_8932

For once all of us were online at the same time ((: IMG_9001

Also really miss Jo )-: and her weirdness. PIG ENCLOSURE wtb. Love you jo haahahaIMG_9021