Haunted Boys and Girls Racing Canoes

much fun such happy so excellence 

The march holidays are coming to an end. Can I even consider this a holiday? Had training like 4 out of the 7 days this week. Everyone accuses canoeing of being the most hiong sport and that its terrible….but I’m actually secretly enjoying it. But right now, my knees are messed up cause push ups on the road-like ground at macritchie. 60 guy and 100 girl push ups. yay. ImageImage

We had ACrun a few weeks back too. Nothing like MG’s cross country but it was relatively funImageImage



SC1 went to Fullerton on Friday night for our MAGNIFICENT dinner with the SPECTACULAR view. I think the next year and a half with this class is gonna be freaking awesome. ImageImageImage


Also, hahaha I realized that guys are very nice lol. My stupid heel kept getting stuck between the planks and if there was a guy around me, they’d immediately bend down and help me pull it out!! People like stupid Denise and Celine just stood there and laughed at me. SO THANK YOU Justin, Darius, Zhi Kai, Dick Wen and Tiak for pulling my heel out hahahhaha.

Then the ‘holiday’ started. Had my last meals with Kim Tan and Tay Sen Hui )): ImageImage

Haunted House prep on wednesday. COME VISIT SC1’S ENSLAVED VILLAGE AT LT 2 DURING FUN O RAMA just don’t let the witch doctor catch you ha




First kiss on repeat

Read Kim’s blog (www.daiisiies.wordpress.com) and haha kim, I jumped a little when I saw my name. Been wanting to do a post for very long but I’ve only have snippets of different topics. ALL IT IS IS THAT I AM VERY OVERWHELMED BY SCHOOL AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. 

Number of Songs: 2307

Sort by Song Title:
First Song: 
A.D.T.O.Y – 2pm
Last Song: 2012 – Jay Sean

Sort by Time:
Shortest Song:
 Sexy Back – Mcfly (0:25)
Longest Song: XOXO Full Album – EXO (43:45)

Sort by Artist:
First Artist: 
Last Artist: 4Minute

Sort by Album:
First Album: 
Last Album: This is War – 30 Seconds To Mars

Top Three Most Played Songs:
The Fact – Beast (87)
Back to You – Beast (71)
First Kiss – Teen Top (67)

Searched Words:
Death: 5
Life: 34
Love: 177
Hate: 7
You: 356
Sexy: 8

after doing I realized I’m such a kpop freak hahaha um more english songs please 


Happy Thoughts

Happy days are ahead hahahhahaha i hope….

To join canoeing or to not join canoeing……

To do work or to not do work (of course do work BUT IDK HOW TO DO HALP)…..

The Zoo is great. JieMeis are great. 1SC1 is great. ACJ is great.