thinking of you; thinking of me

Sunday: Guess what everybody….I DYED MY HAIR. My mother actually let me dye my hair (but this was when I first dyed it…it has since gotten lighter) hurhurhurr


Monday: I tried to be arteastiq with the zoo. Everyone knows I’m not at all good at drawing/painting or basically anything that requires creativity. Hahah so my painting came out the most childish looking. (Thats Evan’s painting on the left)Image

Tuesday: was supposed to go for a movie with kim and evan but I couldn’t make it…BUT HENG because I had a fever. Basically spent the whole day sleeping. The worst part was that at 5 something, I thought the fever went down and everything BUT AN HOUR LATER IT CLIMBED TO 39.1 which was higher than in the day. Omg I felt like dying because it was so cold. IF THIS IS WHAT I FEEL LIKE WHEN ITS JUST A FEVER, HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE CHILD BIRTH?!

Friday: Fast forward to friday (because I didn’t do anything on wednesday and thursday), headed down to Adventure Cove with Nic, Emily and Denise! Fun day in the cold (sun) jk there was no sun and the rest of them were freezing.


Saturday: back back back to school for youth chapter…….  camwhored a lot but hmmImageImage

(look everyone Evan’s tiptoeing)ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Wednesday: EVANS BIRTHDAY PARTAYYYYYY. THEME: Maxi dress and animal headbands whoop whoop. Yummy huge pizza, nuggets, fish balls, so tong balls, crab thingys, prawn thingys, awfully chocolate cake and jelly hearts WHOOOOOOOOOO SO MUCH FOOD. And we played RAVING RABBIDS. omg this game is hilariously exciting. Since our original animals are

Evan: Tiger, Denise: Crocodile, Jolene: Bunny, Kim: Giraffe and Me: Pig….we obviously had to follow the trend but daiso didn’t have these animals so we became

Evan: lion, Denise: Owl, Jolene: Lamb, Kim: Giraffe and Me: Elephant ..


Anyway, this past few weeks have been great! Daddy got us ukuleles, I painted my nails red, I had jap lunch….. its too many things to mention….enjoy the pictures


3rd Week Reminiscing

Feeling slightly blog-y today…so lets go…

We finally had a 4M class party on Sunday and to Sentosa Siloso Beach we headed. Felt really great to see the people who were part of my daily life the past 2 years. Played captains ball, guessing games and obviously camwhored a bunch. Even though some left early and some came late, it was great to be with all that company. How often to do you go out with >16 people. The buzz was electrifying.

 ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage(sorry Megan is missing)ImageImageImageImageImage


It was a great way to end the week on Sunday because the next day was O Level results. I was petrified so my parents and I headed to novena church to say a little prayer before driving to school. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been to church in many months or maybe I was just scared but I teared while I prayed…but after that, a blanket of calmness enveloped me. 

Got results back yepyepyep, went for dinner…told my cousin that studying is important and that I started studying exactly one month before O’s(which is what she shouldn’t do when it comes her time to take O’s). SHE WAS APPALLED. Not because 1 month was long to her…. but because she is 10 and she starts studying in June for EOYS…… ( I really don’t know what to say about this……) 

Denise and Evan also came over after Raffles Open House on Wednesday. Funny how my parents bought guitar hero for me because I was a lonely only child and yet I only touch the game console when friends come over… 



another milestone conquered 



Its already thursday? This week is flying by. Let’s reflect: 

Monday, met up with Kim Tan and Denise at nex. Needless to say, I spent a while looking for cotton on. It was a long due lunch that consisted of grilled chicken drizzled with mushroom sauce and parma fries with a cheese dip. hurhurhur. (you know how food excites me) Image

Tuesday I went back to school to not-so help out with orientation camp. DONT MESS WITH THE BEST CAUSE THE BEST DONT MESS, DONT FOOL WITH THE COOL CAUSE THE COOL DONT FOOL. 

Wednesday was PACKED. Had to get up to run cause VJ open house was 9-4. Met Hannah and Yan Zhen! Then to acjc open house. The number of familiar faces I saw :/ It is not an exciting prospect. Then us 5 went to XCAPE! Haha trapped for an hour in a room with 4 other girls that scream for no reason? Image

Results are out on Monday. So terribly unprepared for what is about to determine the next 2 years of my mediocre life. But I hope something extravagantly amazing happens and when those tears are secreted from my lacrimal glands, it will be tears of joy. Then its 5 days to ruminate.

on a side note: watching the chinese show now and a >20 year old guy calling his dad ‘daddy’ is a bit…… hmm  but then calling his mum ‘mummy’ sounds fine leh. What. 

I’m friends with the monsters thats under my bed



Its Been A Long Time Coming (November/December Summary)

Hellllloooooo, I have recently been reminded that I still have a blog and that I have not updated it in god knows how long.

So many things have happened, I don’t even know where to start? I guess the holidays began with my kdrama frenzy. Thennnn I went to work at Kumon. Celebrated Kongkong’s birthday. THEN WE WENT TO EUROPE. When we came back, IT WAS CHRISTMAS. The usual happened – went to Godma’s for dinner on Christmas eve, Aunty Terry Po’s for Christmas lunch and Ee’s for Christmas dinner. The Zoo even had our own Christmas party!! HOW EXCITING.

Its amazing how fast time has passed. Like what O’s are over??? Results are next week??? Anyway, hope the pictures sum up the amazing past month++