O’s are over. They are finally over. No need to study, no need to get up early, no need to burn the midnight oil, no need….to do anything basically.

I’ve been reading blogs and I realised that there are so many people that blog with ‘posh’ english. Maybe it’s a part of their daily vocabulary, but to me its very extravagant english. BUT I SHANT, I SHANT FOLLOW THIS TREND AND I SHALL BLOG WHATEVER COMES TO MIND, EVEN IF ITS PRIMARY 1 STANDARD ENGLISH.

Anyway, the holidays are already taking its toll on me. Monday was pretty enjoyable. Went to meet mums at velocity cause the cotton on there was the only one that had the sweater I liked in ‘M’. Tuesday I went out with Evan haha got a frappe, a shirt, and I was pretty happy. Been running too ahahhaahah. I thought I wouldn’t have the motivation to run but I actually feel quite guilty if I don’t go. Its been 5 days straight, I deserve an award.

Anyway can’t wait to watch catching fire but this kristine tay IS NOT REPLYING.


ok bye


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