Foreign Guilty Pleasures

It all started with an MV on MTV on a Thursday in 2011 during the September school holidays. Who would have ever thought something I detested with all my heart and all my soul would now be one of the things keeping me sane during bleak times. It is a form of escape, an addiction really. When you’re indulging, it seems like everything happening around you has lost its importance. You are momentarily brought to another world, to experience a different culture, a different language and different humour.

So it started in Sec 2, 2 years after I sweared that for the life of me, I would never adapt to this invasion of language and culture into our english-oriented music. Then Hands Up played on MTV….who would have expected a kpop song to play during MTV’s Chart Attack. But anyway, it happened and thus began my exploration into this unknown new world (haha pun on snsd’s Into the New World).

I practically spent my December holidays watching every single 2pm variety show there was. I must say I have no regrets. Sec 3 was the birth of my love for Running Man. Not only was it ridiculously funny, but it IS ONE AND A HALF HOURS LONG. Like hell yeah?!

And then the sudden want to learn this language? So it was nights of staring at phone apps trying to memorise the hangul, how to read, how to write, learning new vocabulary.

The sense of accomplishment you feel when you learn how to sing a song. And the excitement that courses through you when you realise that you actually understand what you’re singing. wahhhh. New MVs, new groups, new shows its a growing industry.

But our generation idols are dying out..돌아와. 2pm, snsd, Super Junior are disappearing. At least there’s still Beast, Teen Top and the new BTOB and EXO ha.


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