KimTan KimTan

Dear Kim,

Happy Sweet 16!!!!!!! Time has really flown by this year! Its already your birthday today! I just want to take this time to tell you how appreciative I am of all the things you’ve helped me through this year. We haven’t been the best of friends…well up till last year, but I can now say you are one of the people who know me the best. You know how I’m feeling the moment I walk into class in the morning. You know when I’m feeling angst and you can instantly point out my subtle bitchy comments. It still amazes me how you are so observant and intuitive about practically everything. I love your weird spazzes about Tyler, the holy trinity of Youtube (dailygrace, mamrie and hannah) and everything one direction. I love how you can listen to my nonsense and still remain so sane. I have started to realize that I say every thought that comes to mind, out loud, even weird sounds….haha and i thank you for remaining by my side in class and not running to faith. I have never felt so many emotions surge through me at once while sitting next to anyone else other than you and I think I go crazy the most with you because…you bring out my inner cray (insert girl bimbo emoji). To be honest, sometimes I feel a little scared and annoyed when you’re in your bitch/ angst mode, but once you’re high and drunkish, its all good. As long as theres laughter and a little craziness, we’re fine. Also I’m sorry I’m not as good a counselor friend to you as you are to me, but I hope that you will be happy and never have relationship problems the rest of your life because you are the one who needs to bring me my Ben & Jerrys in the future hahahha. Its a deal yeah?

Anyway, I hope you have a great day today and the rest of the days to come. Never give up or be disheartened by the words people throw at you okay. You’re special and many people appreciate what you do for them. I hope to see you in my future with chicken soup and ben & jerrys ( not that I want relationship problems or anything haha). Its been a bitter sweet 8 years but I love every part of it (not really, just the sweet parts ahahahahhaahahahah < i hope you hear my laugh in your head)!


Cole Chia