Get your groove on

Finally home for school. Mama came to fetch me today ((: Finally, after so long since the operation she can drive. And I must say, it has become smoother hahaha. And she was super cheery today which made me all happy heh. 

Had a super bad headache in school today so I went to the sick bay and plonked down and slept for like an hour. meh. There’s too much germs in the house with the mother still being sick and all. k I’m gonna take a nap then hopefully things will chem will go in my head later. 
 ps I’m hungry. I’m hungry all the time now ): but theres no foooood. 

when I was backpacking across western Europe….


Just Remember to Smile

Haven’t been posting because I hid my mac somewhere and I forgot where…. hahah but we are reunited and so here I am on wordpress again….

Not much has happened.. I think the English paper was pretty manageable, hope I do well. Then went to the National Skin Centre, got the thing done, had tuition and that was pretty much Friday. Saturday was a wasted day cause I pretty much lazed around the house and fell asleep multiple times. Stupid girl. Then today, got my passport photo taken, finally saw daddy after so many weeks and I managed to study more than 3 chapters today! PTL.

Been watching alot of Ellen, Justin Timberlake, Jacksgap and nigahiga recently. What am I doing with my life. But Ellen and nigahiga are HILARIOUS and whoo is JT sexay and Jacks kinda hot haha but finn is HOTTER. #finnfinnthebettertwin.

And really, sometimes smiling makes you happy. To Denise, Jo, Evan and Kim: STOP LAUGHING WHEN I SMILE TO MYSELF IN THE MIRROR. IT MAKES ME HAPPY. ahahahaah I mean there’s no point sulking right? okay yes, SO SMILE

but one thing to be sad about is that I am running out of my peanut MnMs and Ferrero Rocher stash. haha completely forgot I still had them but because I remembered, it depleted quickly. (Pictures on twitter – photosync’s still not working) boooooo. No more PMS remedies in my secret drawer.

So anyway, I’m gonna start 2 new things. 1) Start naming inanimate objects like Jack haha I thought that was pretty cute. and 2) Try and convince my dad to get me a penny board and I shall name it ‘penny’ hahahaha or like sophie hheheehe okay bye.


Mid Year Woes

What a day. Remember when we used to complain that the teachers didnt give us practice? what a joke. Now, theyre pilling us with mock papers and I HAVENT EVEN GOT MY CONTENT DOWN HOW TO DO THE PAPER ): I cannot begin to express how screwed I am for mid years. fml. I need time. TIME. And even if I’m almost a hundred percent focussed, it takes forever to get anything done and I dont even know why. Even math ): 

English Mid years tmr. Completely forgot that we had to write compos. yuck. All the best everyone! 


Happy Birthday Sally Liew Yu Kun

So here’s the video Jo, Bev, Evan, Denise, Kim and I recorded for Kun. Took some time to edit but ITS DONE. Sorry some parts aren’t in sync… we had to record our voices on my phone, then act it on for the video. And we didn’t really know our lyrics ha… and we forgot to sing some of Jo’s parts too… Nevermind. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUN! We love you from the bottom of our kinder bueno filled hearts (:
(ps the nickname we gave her in sec 2 was sally)


Laughter’s the best medicine

Today has been an amazingly good day. Assembly, emath and geog passed by quite quickly. Pretty much spent those first 3 hours catching up on all the stuff I missed yesterday + tried to pay attention. phew. Then had a really good talk with Jo while on another one of our to-the-toilet-across-the-grass-patch strolls. Its amazing how she finds such apt words to use when she’s giving you advice. Thanks Jo. Lesson learnt: Sometimes we need to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they actually do feel bad for being a bitch. Let’s just be the bigger person (especially apt because im FaT hahahahha). And its all in the past, you cant undo it anyway, you know, just forgive and forget it.

During recess, (brace yourself, here’s where it gets horrifying), Denise and I found out that THEY STOPPED SELLING CHICKEN CUTLET!! What is there to look forward to on good food day now booooo. WE HAVE NO REASON TO LIVE! Haha mannnn. Chicken cutlet on fried food day was the best.

Back to class and I can’t tell you how fun it was just to sit there and laugh about stuff. See what happened was that Kim, after talking to Denise and I, walked to Jo’s seat and I turned around to walk to the other end of the class, which left Denise behind me. Then she asked me if I wanted to go to the toilet but I thought she was talking to Kim. So i turned to the direction kim walked in and went ‘SAY NO SAY NO’ with the most ridiculous tone and hand movements. (say no thing was smth we were laughing about before btw). Soo, technically I was talking to no one…Imagine me turning around and exclaiming something to thin air… (its not so funny now but it was hilarious at that time okay).

After school I stayed back to attempt to study. It went pretty well. Studied with Eleanor and Kun and mygod do they have the most dramatic and ridiculous experiences. The walk to the bus stop was…EPIC. Eleanor’s best one is grabbing some sitting down botak 20 year old’s head when she was going to fall in the bus. CAN YOU PICTURE THAT?? I didn’t know this quiet girl I knew in Primary school was so hilarious. And kun…. kun has SO MANY. One was opening the door to her 15 year old male cousin while he was bathing then just standing there staring with other people. (all this was of course accidental. She was 11!). Another was her getting a complaint from the HDB management for singing too loudly. Ahh and the way she tells her stories…. I laughed so hard. Kun brightens up everyone’s day, makes your worries go away. really. 

AND GUESS WHAT?? Tomorrow is her BIRTHDAY!! Hope she’s surprised tomorrow!! HOPE YOU LIKE THE VIDEO WE MADE KUN! (PS. Balloons you find tmr are extremely poppable. Handle with care.)

Tomorrow’s also Jay Park’s Birthday *giggles* I’ve written so much but I still have no title. err. So anyway, that pretty much ended my day. Waited half an hour for the bus :/ By the time I got back it was like 730? k all of you are gonna be like ohh thats not late…. Hahhaaha it is okay! If you take bus back. I’m not usually on a bus when its dark out. ): Anyway, here’s to a good 3 more days of the week. ((L: 

(cant sync my photos so no photos this time ): but there were lots of the birthday girl)

People are more alike, then they are different 


Nightmare from Hell

That’s probably what you are. You manipulate people like they’re your puppets. And once they’re of no use to you, you chuck them aside. But you for one are FEARLESS. After chucking them aside, at some point of time, you realize you need them so you don’t look alone so you treat them like your best friend again. You yourself know you’re secretly judging these people. Not only do you judge them, but you tell other people too. You’re right for not being a bitch to that person when you’re face to face but don’t pretend that the two of you are best friends. People can see through you, stop shitting yourself. You’re hot then you’re cold. People can see through you but they can’t read whats on your mind. Stop making it difficult for the people around you. I trusted you with what I thought was important but you’ve probably been telling other people about it right? Making a fool of other people to make them like you? ImageStop dragging other people down. You’re out of it, you have friends, stop being such a bitchy person inside.

On a side note, had a dream my parents were getting divorced and woke up crying. So had to fall asleep with a blocked nose to add on to my migraine. Woke up, studied chem, had lunch and slept again till like 1430 then had tea and trying to study geog now :/ My whole body’s aching. This isn’t the time to be falling sick. Thank God mummy’s home sick too, not the sick part. But because she’s home there’s always food in the kitchen. Usually people lose their appetite when they’re sick but I usually eat even more. I need to stop eating so much. Can’t believe I missed PE and like the long chinese period. They probably wrote a compo and I have to do it at home now boo.


Test 1, 2. Can you hear me?

hihi. Today was pretty fun. School passed pretty quickly. Had my salad for recess which made me a happy girl haha. Then we stayed back to record *****’s video. It was pretty fun wait for its debut on Youtube. hhahahah the singing La Familia kids. Its amazing (ly gay). Us being us, we couldnt record it in one take. So we sang our lines and recorded it on my phone, also unable to do it in one take. Bev couldnt even remember the tune to the song she wrote down herself hahahahha loser. Once that was done, we had to record the video of us singing which was SUPER HARD because Jo left so it was unbalanced and we didn’t know our lines and who came after who. (major fail) but Evan and Bev’s gay moves pretty much saved it. WE DID IT IN ONE TAKE. ONE hahaha. So then I got home and edited it and I realised we forgot to sing some of Jo’s parts in the video so its abit strange. But after all the cutting and trimming, IT IS DONE. (i’ll post the link here after we publicize it on Youtube).


Today Kim said my hair was long which made me happy and i started gallopping around class. Cause usually, among the 6 of us, I have the shortest hair (because I like to cut my hair haaaa). My normal hair length is usually like just bellow my shoulders. BUT I HAVENT CUT MY HAIR SINCE JUST BEFORE CNY (that day was a good day, had a real, totally-being-myself conversation with someone hohoho). SO NOW, my hair is long and halfway to my b**bs ahahahaha (i’m sorry if this is weirding you out right now but there’s no other way to describe it). 

ahh school is fun. I wish it’d last longer. This year is passing way too quickly. 

Dancing in the Moonlight, everybody’s feeling warm and bright (I’m not a Lit student but from this I infer that we should just bask in the moment and enjoy the present hurhurr)